Definition of a Workout in Kung Fu San Soo -- Basically is one person attacks while someone defends. This when the defender can put what techniques they learn into action. The defender does not know what is type of attack is coming.

San Soo is no-rules, street fighting. But in a workout we don't actually hurt the attacker (most of time, on occasion a accident happens). It is the responsibility of the defender to stop short of an actual hit, it is the responsibility of the attacker to react in as if they were actually hit. This sets each next move for the defender.

We have heard it said that some of the techniques they have seen from our fighters will never work on the mean streets of anywhere. But, all students must understand the basics, before they can move up to their first color belt. Just the basics alone have protected some of these students. This is what we use should we have to defend ourselves.

Techniques are for the art, that is in Martial Arts. These are what every practitioner in this art appreciates. Technique is what makes the Masters do this for decades. Technique is what new students strive to attain in their workouts. Master Weeks believes that a workout defines most fighters.

Here are a few links our students in some more recent workouts. If you visit often you can see the progress of some of these students. Remember this is part of our teaching techniques, so it is always a work in progress.

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